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5 Beautiful and Affordable Lashes on AMAZON!

It’s time to LASH OUT! The world of makeup is extremely diverse, and many looks are made without falsies, but you must admit, they are just too much fun to opt out of! In my personal opinion, a look is not complete without a BOMB set of lashes to top the cake. With that being said, I’ve searched Amazon and found 5 lashes that are a serious bang for your buck!

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Arimika Handmade 3D Mink Fake Eyelashes $9.99

This beautiful pair of faux mink lashes caters more to my sisters that love the natural look. This lash style adds length and a flirty fluff to your romantic evening. This product is on Amazon for only 9.99 with free shipping for prime members.

Stephany Natural Multipack $8.99

This one is for all my ladies who LIVE for the natural look. This is one of Amazons top selling/rated lash brands for only 8.99! But wait, it doesn’t end there, you also get free shipping with Amazons prime membership!

Lilly Lashes Lite Mink Goddess $19.99

These lashes are a bit on the pricey side but don’t worry queens they are worth it!

HANDMADE WITH CARE: 100% Handmade False Eyelashes | High Quality 3D Mink | Cruelty Free | Non-Irritant | Quality Hand-Picked Lashes

HOLLYWOOD’S #1 LASH BRAND: Kim Kardashian | Kylie Jenner | Lady Gaga | Cardi B | Carmen Electra

Dual Magnetic Eyelashes $14.99

Now I know that dealing with lash glue can be a big pain. No worries! Magnetic lashes takes away that entire painful process for only $14.99!

3D Faux Mink Lashes Dramatic Long Natural Handmade $7.99

Want a bold and dramatic look on a budget? And get up to ten 4 pairs of lashes for only 7.99??! Now I know what you’re thinking “this cannot be one of Amazons top rated for this price”. Yes! It is! 3D faux Mink lashes so you can be bad and boujee while saving your coin.

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