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Zone Out! Get the Best Out of Your Workout!

We all need know what it feels like to need that extra push of motivation to get through a grueling workout. For some people, finding motivation is easy. But for the most of us, it is hard sometimes. How do you unleash the beast and get the best out of your workout?

There are plenty of ways to achieve this, but this one trick is simple and most people already do this.

The key is music

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It shouldn’t be surprising that music plays a vital part in achieving the best workout that you are capable of.

Music has a lot of different benefits that people are unaware of. Music elevates mood, distracts people from pain and fatigue, increases endurance, and increases the effort you have for a workout. When you listen to music, you may run farther, swim faster, and bike longer without noticing it. It’s basically like a legal steroid.

The main benefits of working out with music:


Increase your speed while working out

Music can automatically pick up your pace in a workout. Through research, it is concluded that our bodies moves faster to more energetic music even when movement does not match the beat correctly.

Put on a song that relates to what you are doing. For example, if you are doing Pilates or Yoga, then listen to more mellow music. Hold off on a song by the migos until you do a more intense workout. The key is to have your music synchronize with your movement.  

Increases your performance

Listening to music is basically a like a performance enhancing drug. Through research, it is concluded that the need for medication is reduced when people listen to music. This will ultimately distract you from the pain and aches that you have during a workout. A HIIT training workout wouldn’t seem as bad with music playing in the background.

Makes you feel like a beast!

Your brain zones out whenever music is played and can make the workout feel easy. Your brain automatically recognizes how difficult a workout feels whenever you start a workout; this is known as “perceived rate of exertion”.

For example, walking can be perceived as low-intensity workouts, whereas sprinting can be more difficult (high intensity) workouts. When you focus on the music instead of the actual workout, the workout feels easier. You will ultimately feel like a beast!

Consider listening to music the next time you work out. There was a survey on the most popular types of music for exercise. They were hip-hop, rock, and pop genres. Make sure you add these genres on your workout playlist! Good luck on the journey!

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Comment below your favorite workout songs!


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