5 Ways to Survive this Valentine’s Day While Single!


Although Valentine’s day is a beautiful holiday filled with love, affection, and gifts. There are those of us who loath the day with every microfiber of our being; only for the mere fact that we don’t have the companion or “boo-thang” to share it with. Although, I must admit it’s quite humorous watching the single hens scrambling for companionship securing that big teddy bear and Victoria secret lingerie.


Meanwhile, men are walking around oblivious to these high expectations! But, don’t worry single peeps! I got you! If you follow these 5 steps you WILL make it through this:

Stay Away from social media!


Now, granted this step is probably the hardest to follow, however, social media alone…. will ruin your life during Valentine’s day season! This is speaking to all the hopeless romantics of the world who love roses, chocolates, stuffed animals, and proposals. I guarantee Instagram will be FLOODED with all these things, and not wanting to look at it doesn’t always mean that you are a “hater” or being negative. If you know that you are sap, usually in your feelings, and looking for that special someone, be patient, know that that person is coming, and they will be worth the wait. But in the meantime…..STAY OFF IG, Twitter, Snap etc..

Don’t Settle!

We as women tend to go on a man hunt(literally!) the second that Walmart breaks out the Valentine’s day décor.


Trust me, I can relate, and because of that often times we all tend to downplay or completely dismiss important standards that hold men to. Under these cases majority of these “relationships” don’t last very long. Of course, there are couples out there that defy the odds. However, if your only motive of finding a man is for the V-day gifts and to flex on snap then….you know. If you know that you are NOT one of those females with insane standards and you just know your worth, then hold on to this and NEVER SETTLE.

Retire the baby making playlist and Rom- coms!

This is just asking for it honestly, now this is addressing my fellow saps; because I know some people aren’t affected by these things. I promise you that if you are single on Valentine’s day listening to Trap Soul….you will end up in your feelings.


Next thing you know you’ll be reaching for the Ben & Jerrys watching The Wedding planner in the fetal position! (This is a real thing) If you’re not a Trap music fan now, more than ever, is the time to become one.  

Stay busy!

This is another self-explanatory step, find a hobby! If you’re not a fan of working out…now…more than ever is the time to become one. Never thought of it that way huh, Valentine season may just be more useful than we thought. Use this time to work on the summer body we all say is our new year’s resolution…but very few get there. But, all jokes aside if working out isn’t your thing then find something to do that takes your mind of your singleness.

Spoil yourself!


Now my personal favorite, and I feel like this one probably is the best cheer up remedy for almost any situation or occasion. Treat yourself! Whether it be to a spa day, shopping spree, or even a trip to your favorite fast food place. I know for myself personally there is no better feeling then knowing those fashion nova jeans are in the mail! Of course, we all want a gift from a significant other that is special and cute but treating yourself to things you like should be equally if not more important! This teaches self-love and appreciation, which are both needed before entering any relationship with a significant other.

All things considered, Valentine’s day is a beautiful day and time of year. It’s all about love, giving, and showing your appreciation for your loved one(s). It would be Ludacris for anyone to be against such a thing.

So, these tips aren’t to desensitize or create any cynics, but I had to have a little fun.

Just remember just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to dread V-day or feel like you have to rush into any fake relationships!


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