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SEXY AFFORDABLE Lingerie for V-Day!

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when every couple is nervous about who got who the better gift. The time of year when guys better save up for that giant teddy bear! The time of year when being single kind of sucks…Yup you said it Valentines Day!!

Sometimes as women we get to cut some corners, and V-Day we can do just that! Ladies all you need are one of the super affordable, super sexy lingerie pieces to feel sexy and show your man just how much you love him on this cute holiday!

I guarantee he won’t even think about getting anything else once he sees you in one of these. Plus let’s face it, it’s not like it’ll be on very long anyway 😉

Something That Says “Sexy but Still Innocent”

$15.99 Amazon

What More Could a Man Want?

$16.39 Amazon

Secretly Every Guys Fantasy

$16.99 Amazon

Leave Nothing to the Imagination

$10.99 Amazon

Classy and Sensual

$17.98 Amazon

Who? Me? Kinky?

$19.99 Amazon

Gift Wrapped with a Bow 😉

$15.59 Amazon

Curves for Days

$16.99 Amazon

Bad to the Bone

$19.98 Amazon

Our Little Secret

$17.99 Amazon

“I’m All Yours”

$14.99 Amazon

Sweet and Simple

$15.45 Amazon

Sexy but still Comfy

$16.28 Amazon

Ditching the Classy Act

$9.99 Amazon

Breakfast in Bed?

$19.99 Amazon

Daddy’s Little Girl

$12.99 Amazon

Sexy BabyDoll Suit

$16.49 Amazon


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