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The Amazing Truth About Prioritization – Change your Life Today!

Usually when you think of productivity you think of completing several tasks within a specific time period. The problem with this is that as humans we perform at our highest level when we can really nail down and focus on 1 task.


Easier said than done right? These days it’s almost impossible to focus on only one thing! This is where prioritization comes in. Even with all of the tasks you have on your list of things to do, 1 or 2 will always statistically be more important than the rest.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and swamped with busy work. But we MUST learn how to master the art of prioritizing and be very strategic about what we’re applying our 100% effort to.

Remember, we have limited time, energy, and resources so it’s essential you optimize any amount of each that you can!

In the Harvard Business Review blog post by Author of Be Excellent at Anything, Tony Schwartz gave four simple ways to create a better prioritized and more focused life.

be excellent at anything


  • Organize your calendar from least important to most urgent tasks. The key here to to remain consistent and build the habit of completing the most urgent tasks first! Create daily rituals for yourself that will eventually turn into habits. For example, meditate for 10 minutes at the same time every day.

  • Set a time for your daily reflection. According to the article, you should set 10-20 minutes aside every day at the end of each day to reflect. Also take this time to outline the most important tasks to tackle the next day. This will give you a fresh start and motivation in the morning!

  • “Do the most important thing on your list first when you get to work in the morning, for up to 90 minutes,” writes Schwartz. Keep your cell phone on silent to get rid of the urge to check social media and pause all of the emails too! The more you focus the quicker you’ll complete the task!

  • Make sure you give yourself breaks! “Take at least one scheduled break in the morning, one in the afternoon, and leave your desk for lunch. Take at least one scheduled break in the morning, one in the afternoon, and leave your desk for lunch. These are each important opportunities to renew yourself so that your energy doesn’t run down as the day wears on. They’re also opportunities to briefly take stock.”

At the end of your week ask yourself
Did I accomplish what I set to get done this week and if not, why not?

Were these tips useful? Drop a comment below giving your best productivity tips 🙂


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