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How STD Can be Prevented: Shockingly Simply Methods

Like it or not STDs are REAL and even though we’d all like to think we can hop from bed to bed and walk away with no evidence, that’s not always the case. Knowing how STD can be prevented will not only save you a hospital bill, but can also save your LIFE!

How STD Can be Prevented

Many people feel like they have to “walk on egg shells” when it comes to the topic of sex. Fearful of offending and/or hurting others with their opinions or knowledge on the topic. However, when it comes to the subject of Sex, in this generation, it’s no longer considered an inappropriate topic at the lunch table. You can have conversations about personal preferences like favorite positions, types of men or women, “body counting” and literally no one will blink!

We have been desensitized, and I’m not saying that as a bad or good thing it’s just the truth. Also, what many fail to realize is how much of a risk you are taking participating in sex, especially if you are the average teen without knowledge on the steps you should take to protect yourself.

Although, sex has many pleasurable perks, there is an even longer list of cons that can come back to bite you. Therefore, these are just 4 suggested options that I’d advise because I love you all and we need to be safe out here in these streets!


How STD Can be Prevented

This is to all of my sexually active butterflies, PLEASE make sure that you are being safe. Too many men and women compromise their physical health due to lack of knowledge about sex. Use contraceptives! I’d personally suggest condoms, because it’s still one of the safest contraceptives on the market when it comes to both pregnancy and STD prevention.

But, WAIT WAIT WAIT I can already hear some of you now “I hate condoms, feels better without it, blasé blasé”. Well my dear love monkeys, their are options out their for protection and pleasure! Take a look at a few:

Ultra Thin 😉

“Feel Everything”


Ultra Stimulation

Don’t be the one that has to learn the hard way….burning in the clinic parking lot.

Which leads me to my next point

Make sure that you KNOW who you’re dealing with!

How STD Can be Prevented

 Now again, this may step on some toes, especially with the one night stand advocates and the community “p” word. But…it’s true, I would even go as far to say make sure you’ve known the individual long enough to get a general idea of his or her habits as far as hygiene. Just think on that for a second, because it makes perfect sense. Or better yet I’ll end that point with a question to add perspective. Would you engage with someone sexually if you knew the individual did not brush regularly or wash them cheeks? (and I don’t mean your face cheeks either) Don’t worry I’ll wait. Also, don’t be afraid to suggest to your significant other that you both should go get tested at your local clinic. Trust me, that man or woman will not mind doing this IF they don’t have anything to hide. As long as you are well educated in this topic and being safe, you should be perfectly fine.

Celibacy aka Born again

How STD Can be Prevented

This is to all of my sexually active butterflies that had a change of heart.  Many choose to become celibate for many different reasons, but this is another suggested path to take when trying to prevent STD contraction and pregnancy. This is pretty self-explanatory, so there is no magical tips or tricks to make this one work. It just depends on the circumstances revolving around why you personally made this choice.  I’ve heard many just say that sex just wasn’t all it was cranked up to be. Or, he/she has been in several failed relationships and they just want to try something new. I’ve also heard that some people regret how they originally lost their virginity. Regardless of your situation, you can never go wrong with celibacy because if you’re young it gives you nothing but time to educate yourself, mature, and all that good stuff.

Abstinence aka The Virgin

How STD Can be Prevented

This final option is the bluntest, point blank, and it’s for the brave.  NO SEX! Now many call this particular method “extreme” or “no fun” but……it works. However, I’m not going to say that just because one chooses to remain a virgin he or she can’t catch anything. The only thing that abstinence prevents 100% is pregnancy. I had to just put that out there because virgins can shimmy on the high horse and feel invincible. And some virgins manipulate every loop hole imaginable, to the point where they are only considered virgins based on bare technicality.

Having said that, you must still be careful and educated about sex. Oral STDs DO exist, which is why you also must know who you’re entertaining and clocking his or her brush schedule. I’m over exaggerating but you get my point. I do want to make a point to say, if you are still a virgin in 2019…..pat yourself on the back. I’m not saying this to down play anyone else but that’s quite impressive. Giving the day and age that we are in where sex is pretty much SHOVED in your face at every turn.


The media alone is enough to make someone curious so I’m not even going to mention peer pressure. And I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to this virgin or not. And if anyone says otherwise…..”why you always lyin hmmmm oh my god”.

Moral of the story is that sex is an act of unity, trust, and love (in some circumstances) so my intentions are not to paint it out to be anything negative or bad because its natural. I would be literally mental, if I were to try to turn anyone against what is natural. These thoughts are only out of love and to educate others……while having a little fun.

Comment below what you think about these tips 🙂


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