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Are Your Dates Becoming Repetitive? Consider This for Your Next Date Night!

Going on dates are essential for most relationships. The average couple usually chooses to go to the movies, a restaurant, or walk a park for a good bonding experience. But what if you ran out of options and you get stuck? What if you don’t have the money to go out to the movies or to eat at an extravagant restaurant?

Then it’s simple, stay at home and play some video games!


Video Games Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Whether you have a PS4, XBOX ONE, or Nintendo Switch, playing video games together can benefit your relationship in the long run. If you’re a gamer you might already know these things, but if not keep an open mind and LISTEN UP!

(WARNING! It’s usually more fun playing with each other not against each other lol but it both of you can take an L and still be happy play versus too!)

Here’s how:

Games help you communicate better!

My fiancé and I love to play Call of Duty: WWII, the zombie mode is amazing! In order to become successful in the game, we have to communicate endlessly. “Watch out behind you baby, there’s a zombie behind you!” “Revive me! I’m down in the tunnel.” We are building strength of partnership and working on the ability to speak openly, honestly, and freely with each other. You are trading information back and forth in order to come up with a conclusion to win the game. Just think of playing the video game with your loved one as practice for communication in any situation!

It’ll help you learn how to have each other’s back!

Video games require team work and motivation to move on to the next level. When it gets difficult, your spouse or partner will offer verbal support and let you know that things will be okay. You will build a mutual trust and understanding because of the time spent together trying to beat a task.  This can translate into real life situations, and petty arguments can be easily resolved. Trust me, you will go through worse things besides trying to beat “the hive boss” in Gears of War 4!

Gaming together will create great memories!

It is the final round before the boss round in Call of Duty: WWII zombies, and you all are trying to make it. You both are being chased by a crowd full of zombies, and all of a sudden your partner or spouse gets down and needs to be revived. You are left to clutch the round, and through pep talk and perseverance you make it through!! Imagine, this whole experience will be a thrilling ride for you and your partner. This will become an experience that you will remember forever, and will be something that you can tell your friends, family or your children.

The laughter and excitement that come with playing video games will only make your relationship stronger. Try something new for a change, and consider playing video games for your next date!

Never played video games? Don’t know what games will be best to play with your significant other? Here are some suggestions:

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
Resident Evil 6
Lego DC Super-Villains
Rocket League
Call of Duty WWII
Mortal Kombat XL
Gears of War 4
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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